We love pixels, football & city walk at 3 AM.
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At Brandster, we believe in perfection and that’s what we endeavour living an artist life. We believe innovation is art. We pour ideas into design and development projects, and mould products like an artist. We’re proficient in making ideations that can hardly conveyed through words. Our visual treats speak for us and for our valued customers.

We’re lazy! And we find the best and simplest solutions, which are unequivocal. We discuss about Sports, Politics, Last party we had and almost anything under the sun.

For us, watching movies is like to leverage creativity! Seriously! This is our culture. In fact, it isn’t a culture, but a creative life style. Are you the one passionate to synchronise with our lifestyle? Apply now! We can’t wait to see you on board!

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  • Front-end Engineer - Dubai(2)
  • Senior UX Designer - Dubai(1)
  • Sales Manager - Dubai(1)

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